Is PayPal coming to Pakistan 2024?

PayPal is coming in Pakistan - 11 Jan 2024. |

Is PayPal coming to Pakistan in 2024 lets explore if these vocals are true? 3 days ago a news broke by one of Pakistan News Channels (24 News). The PayPal will start it services in Pakistan. But it will be only payments to Pakistan and not from Pakistan.

Caretaker minister of IT Dr. Umer Saif has announced the the PayPal will provided its services to Pakistan through a third party and it will be announced officially on 11th Jan 2024. But the shortcoming is that, it will only facilitate payments from other countries to Pakistan and not from Pakistan to other countries.

The news about “Is PayPal coming to Pakistan in 2024” is also covered by many other mainstream and other magazines, and here we’ve summaries them to just have a glimpse.

Mainstream Media:

Fact-Checking and Skepticism:

Financial Experts:

  • B Recorder: ( B Recorder offers an analytical angle, exploring the potential economic impact of PayPal’s arrival. They discuss how it could formalise the informal freelance sector, attract foreign investment, and boost e-commerce growth. However, they also raise concerns about the need for robust regulatory frameworks and infrastructure to prevent misuse.


While news of PayPal’s potential entry in Pakistan has generated excitement, particularly among freelancers and online businesses, the situation remains fluid with official confirmation awaited. Media outlets offer varying perspectives, with some expressing cautious optimism and others urging fact-checking. Financial experts acknowledge the potential benefits but highlight the need for careful preparation and regulatory oversight. As negotiations continue, Pakistanis eagerly await clarity on whether PayPal will truly revolutionise their online financial landscape.

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